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Le 7eme Vin pays homage to traditional cuisine

Le 7eme Vin is not only just next door to the Hotel Prince, it is also a wonderful gourmet restaurant to be discovered when you next stay in our hotel. Tasty dishes, a magnificent wine menu and service with a smile: this restaurant has everything you need for a perfect meal!

7eme Vin Restaurant - Salle - Hotel Paris Prince


Le 7eme Vin: excellent value for money

In the very chic 7th arrondissement, it is not always easy to find a restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere. Le 7eme Vin is the exception: this restaurant with all the feel of a wine bar knows just how to put its customers at ease! The retro charm lends the restaurant a warm and friendly atmosphere enabling diners to unwind and relax. The taste buds however are more than stimulated. The chef Olivier Buret is

Le 7eme Vin on TripAdvisor : Opinion of the customers

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